Past few years brought Milan Rericha to various projects, treasured for his dramatic perfomance yet with very delicat attitude and sensitive care. His sound and unique technic influences many musicions worldwide. He has been asked to lead masterclasses and give recitals over the world, audience can be thrilled by his performance in Europe, China, USA and South America. Milan's rich program includes invitations to solo concerts with orchestras such as Mozart Chamber Orchestra in Milan, Carisch Orchestra di Milan, Accademia Orchestra, Simon Bolívar Orchestra, North Czech Philharmonic, Belgian Royal Symphonic Band. A part from his solo performances and pedagogical activities he represents Czech handcrafted clarinets RZ during countless presentations. As patron of endowment fund Gabrielis he inspiries young generations to work on their talents and is artisticly directing Czech Clarinet Art. He regularly records for Swiss recording company Marcophon with Prague Festival Orchestra.  

Year 2017 prepared for Milan Rericha quite interested events. Worth to mention is begining of 2017 in which he will set off to China and South Korea and in which he will introduce with the Belgian Royal Symphonic Band some awesome music from his EMR Collection to the Brussels audience for the very first time. An unique recording of Mozart's Clarinet Concerto in cooperation with Gabrielis and Marcophon will see the light in spring. In second half of this year Milan Rericha will go to Mexico and USA, opening concert at ClarinetFest 2017 in Orlando, Florida with Orlando Philharmonic Orchestra will be just one of the sparkles of this year.

Full version of Milan Rericha's biography is available in section Media.


Clarinet Festival with Milan Rericha in Györ, Hungary

5. 8. 2018

Milan Rericha will perform again Tchaikovsky's Variations on a Rococo Theme in August, on the 31st in Richter Hall in Györ with Györ Philharmonic Orchestra on the ocassion of 8th E.C.A Clarinet Festival. Do not miss an opportunity to listen to Maestro Rericha's magical playing. More information about event can be found here.

You are sincerely invited!

Invitation for international clarinet festival by CCOM 

and Yuan Yuan

Milan Rericha at ClarinetFest 2018 

18. 7. 2018

Milan Rericha appeared on stages of ClarinetFest held by International Clarinet Association in Belgian Ostend several times. On the 7th his virtuoso way of playing shone at RZ Artists Recital in concert hall of Thermae Palace followed by Masterclass with Milan Rericha at local conservatory. Same as last year at ICA Conference in Orlando his Masterclass was crowded. On the 10th Maestro's busy schedule included breath taking performance of P. I. Tchaikovsky's Variations on a Rococo Theme op. 33 in world premiere and live performing for the very first time with orchestra. Arrangement for clarinet accompanied Brussels Philharmonic under the batton of another great clarinetist Paul Mayer. Among other performers in Casino Kursaal that night were Philippe Cuper, Charles Neidich and fantastic Eddie Daniels. 

Milan Rericha's performances were supported by RZ Woodwind Manufacturing, Sponsor of ClarinetFest 2016, 2017, 2018. Arrangement of Variations on a Rococo Theme for clarinet was made by EMR - Editions Marc Reift.

Big thanks goes to all my fans and friends! Thank you!!!

Milan Rericha in Italian Brescia

10. 6. 2018

Masterclass with Milan Rericha and with his former student Fabrizio Alessandrini 23. 6. in Aule Cavalli Musica will start at 9:00 (9.00 am) and 14:00 (2.00 pm). Masterclass is combined with presentation of RZ clarinets, the whole event will close Gala Concert of Corpo Musicale Cittadino di Ghedi. You are sincerely invited to enjoy the day! 

Spazio Musica 2018 - Masterclass with Milan Rericha

1. 6. 2018

Don't miss a chance to study with clarinet virtuoso, Maestro Milan Rericha in Italian Orvieto! 
No age limits!
Double staccato, circulation breathing, all clarinet repertoire...
For more information, please, contact 
or register directly at Spazio Musica

All clarinetists are invited!

Milan Rericha and his recital performance 

with respected pianist Fatima Alieva 

27. 5. 2018

Another performance with Milan Rericha and world-renowned pianist Fatiama Alieva this time in Czech Republic. Their first cooperation date back in 2015 at opening concert of Sobrio Festival in Switzerland. Concert - Recital at Quarna Paese Per la Musica Festival in Italy, fenomenal perfomance of Artie Shaw Clarinet Concerto at ClarinetFest 2016 in Lawrence (Kansas USA) and concert tour in China are just great continuing of their musical tandem. Their repertoire consists of all music written for clarinet and arranged for clarinet and piano as well as of some arrangements from EMR Edition and of instrumental solos.

Performance will take place 3. 6. 2018 at 15:00 in Pohorelice under a kind cooperation of Hudebni atelier of Mgr. Pavel Kratochvil. For enormous interest concert has been moved to Sokolovna Hall in Pohorelice. To contact organizer of the event please see details here.

You are sincerely welcome!

Gala Concert with Brussels Philharmonic 

at ClarinetFest 2018

18. 5. 2018

Milan Rericha will perform with Brussels Philharmonic on the 10th of July in Casino Kursaal at 20:00 (8 p.m.), Masterclass with Milan Rericha will run on the 7th from 13:45 to 14:45 (1:45 - 2:45 p.m.) at local Conservatory - Room 3. Recital of RZ artists will start also on the 7th at 10:45 (10:45 a.m.) in Thermae Palace Hotel. More information about the whole event can be also found here.

Music Royal De La Marine Belge and Milan Rericha

11. 5. 2018

Together with one of the best royal wind orchestras in Belgium Milan Rericha performed two times, 18. 4. at Gala Concert in La Louviére and at Festival international de la clarinette et du saxophone a week later in Brussels. He is becoming a regular guest star performer of mentioned Festival supporting also by his performance Kiwanies Club in Belgium. A small look back at both events can be found here or on social networks.

Unique recordings of Mozart's Clarinet Concerto

10. 5. 2018

Milan Rericha's 13th CD Evening Prayer by Marcophon - EMR was released this spring. It includes Mozart's Clarinet Concerto in A major which was used last year for benefitial reasons of Adore and endowment fund Gabrielis. Clarinet Concerto has been recorded on vinyl record.  More about both unique recordings can bee found in section Discography.

Back in Oslo - a small look back on Masterclass 

with Milan Rericha and RZ clarinets presentation

Big thanks to all fans and supporters for beautiful pictures!

In interview for Radio Prague - "Whom loves music 

feels it in heart"

13. 2. 2018

Milan Rericha has been interviewed by Martina Schneiberg the editor of German broadcast of Radio Prague. The whole transcription of the interview can be found here or in section Media.

Masterclass with Milan Rericha in Italian Trivero

9. 12. 2017

Masterclass is organized in cooperation with Associazione Musicale Euphòria and will take place 15. - 17. 12. Milan Rericha will perform with Euphòria Wind Philharmony 16. 12. More about the Masterclass can be found also here.         We would like to welcome you!!

Mozart vs. Koželuh - Classical concert with Ensemble 18+

Milan Rericha and his solo performance with Ensemble 18+ in Prague! More information after clicking on the image. You are sincerely invited!

Lípa Musica  - "It is worth it!" with Milan Rericha

5. 11. 2017

In full auditorium of Jirasek Theatre in Česká Lípa continued another serie of project called "It is worth it!". It was held on the ocassion of International Music Festival Lípa Musica, this year with renowned artist from world of classical music. Milan Rericha performed together with the best and the most talented students of local elementary art school on stage of mentioned theatre 3. 11. This concert followed Masterclass with Milan Rericha which was on programm of friday afternoon and the day before. 

We enclose few moments to picture the event. An interview for Lípa Musica can be found in Media section.


Demanding wind music with all delicacies. Especially Rericha's music full of humor in Rhapsody in Blue by George Gershwin in second half, and after interval when everybody thought the spirit of the evening cannot be any better, was cause of enormous enthusiasm. 

Thurgauer Zeitung 

Rhapsodic clarinet lines adding drama and warmth to performance.., ..brilliant clarinet playing both aurally and visually exciting.., ..each gesture is unique and has its own character in Rericha's commanding performance.., ..Milan Rericha's performance were pure entertainment and excitement with calisthenics and effortless articulation.., ..Rericha brought the audience to their feet..

The Clarinet Online

"Runs, trills, sound cascades..." Soloclarinettist Milan Rericha whom belongs to the best in his profession incredibly manages enormously hard pieces, such as A. Copland Clarinet Concerto written on request of Benny Goodmann, with virtuosity of a magician, controlling large range of instrument with obvious playfulness and ease, with neverending breath, resolute fingers skilfulness and with awesome musical temperament. Enthused audience applauded again and again.

Siegener Zeitung

Milan Rericha proved to be among the best clarinettists and instrumentalists in the world which confirmed heroic applause of audience whom was rewarded with two encores.

Porto Alegre News

Milan Rericha is one of the best clarinettists i have ever conducted.

Vladimir Ashkenazy

Milan Rericha enthused young talents, his virtuosity pushes clarinet limits to violin jewels.

Nagoya News


For all enquiries please contact Milan Rericha's management team at or