Milan Rericha and RZ on Tour 2018 in China


Tour started during the 3rd International Clarinet Festival of CCOM in Beijing. Masterclasses, concert recitals and presentations of RZ clarinets then continued at the 2018 International Clarinet Festival in Qingdao and moved after to the 2nd International Youth Music Camp in Chengdu. Closing concert with a symphonic wind orchestra on the ocassion of the 5th Edition of International Clarinet Festival in Xi'an was the last stop of Milan Rericha and RZ.

Maestro Rericha performed during the Tour with great pianist Fatima Rericha-Alieva 

Program of concert recitals: 

Sonata for clarinet and piano op. 167 in E-flat major by C. Saint-Saens's, P. I. Tschajkovsky's Variations on a Rococo Theme arranged by J. G. Mortimer, Sonatina for clarinet and piano by J. Horowitz, A. Shaw's - Concerto for clarinet, V. Monti's Czardas

This unique photo gallery was possible to make only thanks to fans and friends of Milan Rericha. 

Thank you!!!