Sincerely invite you to Milan Rericha's performances at reknown ClarinetFest of ICA, this time in Kansas!!!

Milan Rericha will perform with Fatima Alieva, great Russian pianist in Swarthout Recital Hall, on the campus of University of Kansas in Lawrence - Kansas, USA on the occasion of ClarinetFest 2016. Festival will run throughout 3. - 7. 8. 2016 and mentioned recital is presented by International Clarinet Association and RZ Woodwind Manufacturing - Czech handcrafted instruments manufacturer and Silver Sponsor of ClarinetFest 2016. Milan Rericha is appointed ambassador and representing artist of RZ Woodwind Manufacturing.

An ocassion to see and hear more of Milan Rericha's well known "breathtaking art" at this reknown festival you can attend Concert of Silverstein Artists on August the 6th at 4:00 pm in Crafton -Preyer Theatre in Lawrence also on the campus of University of Kansas. Milan Rericha will perform there with other famous clarinet players pieces for clarinet quartet and clarinet ensemble by Ástor Piazzolla.

Wish you a memorable experience!!!

More information can be also found on website of ICA - Internatioval Clarinet Acossiation, organiser of the event.