Video recording of Milan Rericha's performance - one of the best at ClarinetFest 2016 in Lawrence - USA!!!


The RZ Woodwinds Artist Recital began at 10:00 a.m. in Swarthout Recital Hall. The concert featured clarinetist Milan Rericha accompanied by Fatima Alieva on piano. Pièce en forme de Habanera by Maurice Ravel was the first piece on the recital. It set the tone for the recital, with Rericha's rhapsodic clarinet lines adding drama and warmth to the performance. Rericha and Fatima then performed a rousing Introduction, Theme, and Variations by Rossini. Rericha's brilliant clarinet playing was both aurally and visually exciting as he took the audience through the dramatic variations. The recital took a more introspective turn with the third recital piece, Sonata for Solo Clarinet by Edison Denisov. Each gesture of the piece was unique and had its own character in Rericha's commanding performance.

The Denisov was followed by Debussy's Première Rhapsodie. The delicate clarinet lines were complimented perfectly by Fatima's sensitive piano playing. The Debussy served as a compelling centerpiece for the recital. The last three pieces on Milan Rericha's concert were pure entertainment and excitement. Artie Shaw's Concerto included a free section of impressive improvisation where Fatima made the sounds of a percussion accompaniment on the piano. Csárdás by Vittorio Monti was the penultimate piece on the recital. Rericha jumped down off of the stage and performed the entirety of the piece from the audience. The clarinet calisthenics and effortless articulation of Rericha's Csárdás brought the audience to their feet. The concert ended with a brilliant Tico-Tico by Zequinha de Abreu. It served as the perfect ending to this charming and engaging performance by Milan Rericha.

Article was written by Anna Roach, The Clarinet Online

Recording of the performance is possible to see bellow or in section Video.